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London Wedding Photographer Luis Calow Portrait

Hi there! I'm London based wedding photographer, Lu.

I'll not go into some cheesy wedding spiel: I create intimate, natural wedding stories for couples on the most special day of their journey together (so far!).

My Approach

I'm always searching for the best way to describe the way I work. You hear, 'unobtrusive', and 'low-profile' a lot these days. Admittedly I'm both of these things, but I can't help but be warm and to have a laugh with everyone on the day. I think I’d go mad otherwise!

When I arrive for a wedding I’ll have the timeline of the day in one hand, and my camera in the other - this is all I need. Oh, and my backpack containing random trinkets.

From this point I'll be on my own documenting the day in my creative, journalistic style, as it unfolds naturally. Leaving you to kick back and enjoy yourselves knowing that all the wonderful/hilarious/tear-jerking things happening around you are being captured.

An appropriately short amount about me

I’m hopeless at writing about myself, so I got a mate to help me with this!
I'm a down to earth, softly spoken northerner living in London for the past three years with my partner in crime, our little girl and our pooch. I know waaay too many film and TV show quotes to be considered healthy, and if you’re game for a quote-off, be prepared!

When I'm not shooting weddings I'll be with my family and my doggo getting lost in the woods, swimming, binging Netflix or cooking.

So, if it sounds like we’d go together like peas and carrots, great! Get in touch below and tell me about your big plans!!