Hi there, I'm London based wedding photographer, Lu!

I'll not go into some cheesy wedding spiel: straight-up, what I do best is take intimate, natural photos of people on the most special day of their journey together - so far!

Over my years in the industry I've been lucky enough to work with some incredible couples that have helped me to carve out my style of wedding photography: it's intimate, 'in the moment' and un-staged.

From the moment you get in touch right up to the big day, we'll chat about the awesome themes and ideas you have for the big day and the photos that will make everyone go 'whooa!' and 'THAT'S gorgeous!'. 

An appropriately short amount about me: I'm a down to earth, softly spoken Northerner living in London with my partner in crime and our little baby girl :) I know waaay too many film and t.v quotes to be considered healthy, and when I'm not shooting weddings I'll be with my family and hound getting lost in the woods/swimming/binging Netflix/cooking. 

So if it sounds like we'd make an awesome team together, then great! Click below to check out some more kind words from my couples and my availability.