Engagement shoot

No exaggeration - Everyone should have an engagement session. It's the perfect way to kick off your wedding photographs. It's not everyday
you'll have your own personal photographer with you, so I focus on keeping these sessions super relaxed, just like friends out and
about together. We'll natter about your plans, how you both met, memories you've shared - and that's when the best photos
happen: the little glances, belly-laughs and little touches that make capturing them all the more meaningful. Plus they
can make a great addition to be used as part of your invitation or your on your actual wedding day!


Where shall we go??

I always say to couples to choose somewhere special to them: A park, your favourite cafe or pub; the spot you proposed, or even just relaxing in your own home together. It doesn't matter where it is, I'm game! If you have any four-legged family members dying to get out, I encourage them to join in as well!


What shall we wear??

Your shoot - your rules. In the end this is all about having something awesome and personal to look back on, so wear whatever you feel comfortable and fantastic in. If that happens to be matching animal onesies, bring it on! Sometimes couples dress up to the 9's, sometimes it's more smart-casual. It's totally your call, and if you feel like an outfit change midway though we can accommodate that as well, just let me know before we meet up ;)


...The weather...

Dun-Duuun! It goes without saying that planning around the UK weather is never the easiest. When we agree on a date and time for the shoot we're also agreeing that we'll roll with the punches and go ahead regardless of what it's like outside. Often, the best photos are created spontaneously anyway: hair softly being blown by the wind; someone awkwardly chasing after a rogue umbrella! I've done sessions in the dead of winter in the countryside, and in gale force wind & rain in the peaks. Of course if it's literally a hurricane and there's a chance of having mountain rescue called on us, we can always find an alternate setting or an indoor location as plan B.

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