Simple is best; less is more; one day, one big package.

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All day Coverage - 

£1400 -

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* Pre-wedding meet & greet to say hi and go through your plans and ideas

* Coverage of your whole day, from your prep until after your first dance

 - Shorter/longer day quotes and prices for 2019 on request -

- Frequent questions -

how long have you been doing this for?

I've been a full time wedding photographer for 5 years and I've been behind the camera for more than 10, freelancing most of way. It all started many moons ago at Chesterfield college and grew from there!

Will it Be You with us on The Day?

Indeed it will! I generally work by myself, it's the way I prefer it. This way I can work undistracted and capture a story of your day that flows nicely. Bring in other photographers and things can start to feel a little crowded, which isn't what you want on your day.

I'm terrible at having my photo taken, will we have to pose?

Forget about traditional 'everyone say cheese!' staged, weddings photos you've seen - my style is the opposite and focuses on real smiles, belly laughs and and capturing everything as it happens. One of my couples made the comment that they wanted their photo to reflect 'being a guest at their own wedding', which I felt was a perfect way to put it.
During you session, whenever we have it on the day, I'll give the occasional cue, like 'take a walk over there in the sunlight together' and capture what comes naturally to you in the moment. This is your day - all you need to be is your awesome selves!

When will you arrive on the day?

I usually arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony so I can get some prep shots and get revved up for the day. Before the day I'll ask which one of you you'd like me to be with in the morning, unless you're getting ready at the same location or next door to each other. Going back and forth between locations first thing can get very stressful, so I prefer to keep this to a minimum and to keep everything chill and flowing smoothly.

When will you leave us?

I generally leave about 30mins to an hour after the first dance, but only once I know I've got the shots I'm after. This is usually the time everyone starts throwing their best shapes on the dance floor, and gives me the chance to get some all important party shots to complete your story. 

how will you get around on the day?

Normally I'll hop in your ride, or with a guest so I can assure I'm there exactly when you are, Plus it's always great to capture those 'riding to the reception' shots when you're all buzzed from the ceremony - and the glasses bubbly!!

How many images will we get?

Every wedding is different and anything can happen, so an exact number is always hard to pinpoint. I hand my couples a minimum of 350 finished images, but I generally end up giving roughly 500+. These will all be stored for you both in a private online gallery and a USB stick. 

Will we get the unedited shots from the day?

No - I hand my couples a finished, hand-edited story of their day.

When will our images be ready?

All being well, it normally takes a couple of weeks for me to work on your images and put together your story. You'll receive an email invite to your private gallery, and a package in the post with your USB stick full of your images. You'll receive low resolution images for email/sharing online, and high res versions of your images so you can print away!

Are travel costs included?

Yes - I include all my travel costs within the UK mainland. If you're big day is outside this, or abroad we'll work out a bespoke quote including travel. I'll also include accommodation if your wedding is over a few days, or somewhere very remote!

Do you do albums?

Yes - I work with Blurb albums who create beautiful hard-back storybooks in varying sizes, quality and finishes. Mine start at £200 for an 18x18cm storybook. If albums aren't your thing, the hi res images you'll receive on your USB will allow you print them wherever you like and however much you like!

Do we need to set aside food for you?

That's entirely your call - I always pack a bite (to nibble on at quiet points during the day) and to have during your meal. Though if you're a massive foodie like me, I'll NEVER say no to a meal if you're offering!

How do I book?

Simple! Fill in my contact form here or hit the button below, include juicy some details about your day and I'll get back to you within 24hrs. I require a £250 deposit which will secure your day in my books no matter when your big day is. If it happens that I'm already booked, I'll always try and help you with a list of horribly talented wedding photographer friends of mine.

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